208 | Thoughts on Friendship

What’s important when it comes to choosing friends? Nicola Cairncross and Judith Morgan discuss what causes clashes and what to look out for when people seek to befriend you in business.

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In The Show

Nicola talks about healing her fears of the dark and becoming generally braver, finding writing groups in Brighton she can meet up with during her UK Christmas trip and how two favourite actors are getting older.

Judith talks about dinner with good friends on Saturday night, another funeral on Monday, and joining a 21 Day tapping challenge.

What’s Fuelled Their Fire?

Nicola’s enjoyed Frank Kern’s launch of Convert 2.0 and Judith’s happy it is the end of term tonight for her so that she can focus on tidying up the old and preparing for the new.

Focus Of The Week

A regular listener to Own It! offers this week’s focus, a discussion on the nature of friendship. What’s important when it comes to choosing friends? Why do some stick with you and some go? How painful it can be when friends are “judgy” about your life choices in regard to your kids and/or your career. Where values come into this. What causes clashes and what to look out for when people seek to befriend you in business.

Words Of The Week

Nicola chooses Anticipation and Judith picks Service.

Project Updates

Nicola’s got two new projects on the go and updates the listeners on both, one inspired by Frank Kern and one she first mentioned last week; both will advance between now and the next show.

Judith remembers that she often sells Listening Vouchers at Christmas time and has remembered to put them in her Facebook Shop and mention them in this week’s newsletter which is all about Listening, Talking and Conversation.

Who Or What’s Impressed

Nicola is impressed by the two white male chefs who went through to the finals on MasterChef the Professionals and discusses that controversial decision and contributes to the debate on lack of diversity; she thought they were the best, end of.

Judith is impressed by five OAP ladies with the combined age of 428 who create a RTM (right to manage) company to direct how their 44-unit care home in Gloucestershire is run, saving money and improving services for themselves and fellow residents.

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  1. Hi Judith & Nicola.

    Another corker of an episode – thank you. I just wanted to comment on the subject of ‘upsells’. Personally I find it a real turn off when someone I have only just been introduced to online, tries to upsell me before we’ve built any kind of rapport.

    A while back I signed up for someone’s book – hard copy – where I just had to pay postage – which was fine. But by the time we’d gone through five upsells, including video instruction, personal mentoring etc. I’d completely lost faith in him. The entire pitch smacked of desperation, so I cancelled the order!

    Wishing you both a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

  2. Friends are really important and have a big role in our lives. So choosing friends is really important. Its like choosing someone to be your sister/brother. We need to choose the best. The real and true friend. Not a toxic one.

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