213 | What to Do When the Product Is You

Why does it seem sensible to make a business from scratch out of something you are not passionate about, when the thing you long to do seems unrealistic?

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In The Show

Nicola describes her week as frantic because it is Sarah’s last few days so she’s been working with the new VA who is based in the Philippines. Her local project manager is helping with a proper induction, and the team is immersed in SOPs (standard operating procedures), training videos and tick lists. Judith’s had what she says is a classic up-and-down self-employed week, some good, some bad, feeling a bit under the weather, best friends over to lunch and a small PPI win with more in the pipeline.

What’s Fuelled Their Fire?

Nicola’s made the first sale of her new book at NicolasBook.com – Attract 3.0 and Judith’s been coaching a man who is selling his business and going to live with his family in Spain. What will he do next? This discussion provokes content for this week’s Focus.

Focus Of The Week

Why does it seem sensible to make a business from scratch out of something you are not passionate about, when the thing you long to do seems unrealistic? Is it because the product is you? Judith thinks so and she and Nicola debate how to find the confidence to pursue your passion project, how to make the time for it and how to believe in it before you see success and outside validation.

Words Of The Week

Nicola chooses Tight and Judith picks Month-End.

Project Updates

Two of Nicola’s Write Club the Podcast colleagues have offered to write articles for her own new passion project and membership site, Writing Club World.

Who Or What’s Impressed

Judith was impressed by a sponsored post on Facebook which appeared to follow the Frank Kern principles Nicola has mentioned a couple of times on recent podcasts. And Nicola has discovered a new crime writer she likes called Joseph Knox and his detective Aidan Waits and recommends the dark writing in the first of the series, Sirens.

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  1. Re Nicola feeling her writing inadequate. Wouldn’t those writers of the excellent reads of ski-fi also have gone through self doubt. Most likely they would have done many rewrites. Its the iceberg. You see the top and underneath its ‘huge’ that is where all the work and angst happened.
    We always feel everyone else is better than us when we start out. Go Nicola Go!! I’m writing on diet and health. I have terrible grammer and spelling. Left school at fifteen. I write as I speak. People will like it or lump it.

  2. Great show and subject – found myself in the same predicament recently. Having to let go of a business that I had fallen out of love with – and had lost passion for – to taking a FT job after 13 years self employed. Here’s what I learned – what ever you decide honour your values,
    Sometimes you have to go left before you can go right.
    Your debate also reminds me of what Marie Forleo once said: it doesn’t have to be brand new it just has to come from you.
    Debbie ☺️?

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