214 | Guest Anita Davenport: Network Marketing

Judith and Nicola first met Anita 14 years ago at The Acacia, Nicola’s B&B, at a Money Gym workshop.


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In The Show

Nicola’s new VA is settling in brilliantly, plus she tells Judith a couple of local Stoupa stories about getting some wood delivered and how her Seat car has been recalled to Kalamata and about her cleaner’s husband who is driving it there and back for her.
Judith brings Nicola up to speed with this year’s crop of films, her faves and her dislikes and why, in anticipation of BAFTA on 10 th February and Oscar on 24 th.

What’s Fuelled Their Fire?

Nicola is still very interested in The Story Grid and recommends two YouTube videos:
1. What It Takes to Turn Pro
2. How to Tell a Story that Resonates

Judith has met some listeners she didn’t know before in the Own It! Facebook Page and Group and Karen inspires her to think about future topics for the podcast which might go under the title of Side Hustles. Karen is interested in ways of making more money, and in investments.

Focus Of The Week

Judith and Nicola first met Anita 14 years ago at The Acacia, Nicola’s B&B, at a Money Gym workshop. Anita describes Network Marketing as the Ultimate Coaching Business and tells how she discovered it, how it works for her and her team and how they use it as a side hustle or an entire business. Anita loves team building and has members all over the world and she helps them to achieve their income ambitions. Network Marketing can be either a service or a product and Anita describes the different income models.

Words Of The Week

Nicola chooses Craft and Judith picks Antediluvian.

Project Updates

Judith wrote on Monday this week about Wayne Dyer and his I AMs, and Nicola describes her client being at that point where you have to grit your teeth and keep going.

Who Or What’s Impressed

Judith is impressed by a new probiotic and the marketing thereof, and Nicola was up all night listening to an interview with Brian Cox by Joe Rogan which she believes everyone will enjoy in different ways.

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  1. Entertaining Podcast! Although I’m not a network marketer, it’s always good to hear people who are still enthusiastic about it.

    And yes Judith, if the new Star is Born movie is anything like the first one, I’ll pass. Educating Rita – a cinematic gem

    Keep up the good work, ladies. 🙂

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