Judith and Nicola discuss the matters raised by Nicola’s new website and marketing plan. Which URL will she use?

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In The Show

Nicola’s back in Stoupa and enjoying creating a Facebook furore with her Fitbit, plus the glorious Greek bonkersness of the stick with the red rag on it denoting a dodgy road surface, and a surprise visit by a huge moth when enjoying a drink at Steki’s.

Judith has moved into her nephew’s flat in Brixton, having fun with his lovely young cat, finding some help with moving out on London Marathon day via Airtasker, and she’s thrilled with her fourth PPI win, the biggest yet.

What’s Fuelled Their Fire?

This week Nicola is all about her website, marketing her own business and refocusing on her client avatar. She’s engaging with Sue Okell’s process, working with the guys at Studio 1 Design for the website makeover she won at SuperFast Business and reading a book by Allan Dib called the One Page Marketing Plan.

Judith’s fire is fuelled by being back in her old neighbourhood, connecting with and using her old bank, her old post office, her old MoT station, knowing her way about with ease and with no need of maps apps and she’s amazed by how easy it is to get around, find things and people and be found. Nothing stays the same and there are two or three ways in which everything isn’t old, it’s new, and that’s refreshing too.

Focus Of The Week

Judith and Nicola discuss the matters raised by Nicola’s new website and marketing plan. Which URL will she use? James Schramko advises sticking her NicolaCairncross.com as it is her authority site. She’s going to an SEO meeting to clean up some of the issues she believes may be limiting her traffic to that domain. She wants the new website to keep the same colours but be lighter and brighter and she’s making some brave decisions about client attraction which she believes is her USP.

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Words Of The Week

Nicola chooses Balance and Judith picks Flexibility.

Project Updates

Judith’s got her first viewing at her BTL flat for sale in Worthing on Easter Monday. He’s an investor which is precisely what she wants and, as she says, it only takes one.

Nicola has some good news about the podcast itself, download numbers are up significantly. Some days, downloads are 500-700 and one day they were 1246! At 18 th April, only half way through the month, total download numbers are 5800, enough to cause Nicola to nearly fall off her chair. Both J&N are excited.

Who Or What’s Impressed

Nicola likes Game of Thrones and Naked Beach, and Judith is surprised to have fallen instantly back in love with London Town, and all it took was one drive early on Sunday morning round Marble Arch.

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