When J&N first learned how to invest in property and teach others how to do the same, life was simple. Buy and hold or buy and rent out.

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In The Show

Nicola describes the chaos and carnage at Kalamata airport during holiday time as one of the “Seven Circles of Hell”. You are alright coming in, apparently, but be warned…long queues in the sun to have your passport scanned on the return trip.

Judith has moved into some serviced accommodation near Gatwick for eight nights, which property has prompted this week’s Focus.

What’s Fuelled Their Fire?

Judith is inspired by re-sharing a memory on Facebook from a year ago, a post by Robert Craven who is the Founder of Grow Your Digital Agency.

Nicola has been on the receiving end of what looks at first glance to be very bad news – Facebook shutting all her ad accounts. So she’s motivated now to study all the other ways of paid ads, Google AdWords, YouTube Ads etc.

Focus Of The Week

When J&N first learned how to invest in property and teach others how to do the same, life was simple. Buy and hold or buy and rent out. But in 2019 there are so many other ways to make money from property ownership now, including holiday rentals, Airbnb, nightly rentals for those in housing need, agents becoming tenants and selling the accommodation on to the highest rental bidder, rent to re-rent, and serviced accommodation to name but a few.

Judith and Nicola talk through some of the options they’ve seen and heard about and encourage thinking about how to improve your ROI by regarding property as a business, not just the more traditional investor/landlord. Perhaps you can even be hands off in your property business?

LISTEN HERE TO OWN IT #235 | Property as a Business

Words Of The Week

Nicola chooses Adapt and Judith picks Idiot.

Project Updates

Nicola reports that Own It! podcast download numbers are up to 3534 for June over 2675 in May and the most popular show was Louise’s Getting Out of Your Own Way.

Judith is discovering that moving house endlessly is a project in its own right and that householder’s fussing and fretting and lengthy written instructions are often in inverse proportion to the length of the stay.

Who Or What’s Impressed

Nicola received some timely tips from her mentor James Schramko and Judith from Abraham-Hicks’ daily e-newsletter.

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