How do you stay passionate in your business and what do you do when you temporarily lose the love?

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In The Show

Nicola’s VA is safe, having been evacuated by a volcano erupting! On a happier and safer note, Nicola and Sarah surprising sister Heather in Cambridge at her jazz gig on her own birthday was a big success.

Judith reports in on various breaches, hacks and outages – to the farm security gate, to her passwords via a certain third party site and to her own website, all easily fixed but perhaps remarkable. Her new FB friend count is up to 125 and their unsubtle blunders continue to amaze and amuse.

What’s Fuelled Their Fire?

Judith’s client has called her Smarty Pants which she loved, and Nicola has had a writing breakthrough for the “soggy middle” of her novel.

Focus Of The Week

How do you stay passionate in your business and what do you do when you temporarily lose the love? Judith and Nicola both re-kindle their respective passions by realising they are helpers and being with the clients always encourages.

LISTEN HERE TO OWN IT #259 | Staying Passionate

Words Of The Week

Nicola chooses Consistency (why’s it so hard?) and Judith picks Safety (often an illusion).

Project Updates

Own It download averages are up, and Judith has a short report on pain freedom.

Who Or What’s Impressed

Judith is impressed by novelist Dana Stabenow, and naturalist Chris Packham. Nicola loves Romanian Deep House DJ Cosmjn for encouraging her musician son Nelson.

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