How do you use the various social media scheduling tools like Buffer and PostPlanner? Would you consider having someone do your social media for you?

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In The Show

Judith has enjoyed one of her favourite Januarys ever, and reports a couple of other little wins too. Nicola has shifted her energy and talks about a new video ad strategy on Facebook and attracting two new leads via word of mouth.

What’s Fuelled Their Fire?

Judith’s received two nice pieces of feedback about her book, and a third from a client who changed her working week after a First One Free coaching session. Nicola raves about the value she’s enjoyed over the last year from paying £170 to This week she’s been studying Aaron Sorkin. M&J make the distinction between original screenplays and adapted ones, two separate Oscars, two separate and quite distinct writing skills.

Focus Of The Week

How do you use the various social media scheduling tools like Buffer and PostPlanner? And would you consider having someone do your social media for you?  Judith thinks it shows and that they are about efficiency not engagement. She recommends a book by Danny Iny called Engagement from Scratch and Nicola advises efficient batching of content and matching the content to the platform. What are you trying to achieve by your social media content and is that a good fit for your ideal client? The “new one” Nicola mentions is

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Words Of The Week

Nicola chooses Right and Judith picks Driving.

Project Updates

Nicola shares her “hard dates” of the BBC writing competition she’s entered, and tells the listeners about JumpStart, a local production company who encourage screenwriting on spec.

Who Or What’s Impressed

Nicola shares which offers free courses, tools and events to help you grow your career, business or community on Facebook. Judith shares an inspirational piece of writing by author Heidi Priebe who has written a lot about the INFJ Myers Briggs personality type which Judith shares with just 1% of the population. Nicola goes off to take the test again and report back next week.

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