Judith Morgan is an experienced business owner, Nicola Cairncross has nearly 20 years experience marketing online. They share what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur today.

Judith Morgan
Nicola Cairncross

Own It! Your Business & Your Life is a weekly podcast for aspiring entrepreneurs everywhere

Bringing years of experience to the table, great friends and ex-business partners Nicola & Judith share – in their trademark straight talking, humorous way…

  • What they’ve been up to that week
  • What’s inspired, impressed & infuriated them
  • Business book recommendations
  • The tips, tools & techniques they use themselves
  • Mixing up deeply practical business “how to” with the psychology of success and clients challenges and success stories.

As your business depends on you 100% and you need some sort of work/life balance they don’t neglect how to combine being a successful entrepreneur with being a partner, parent, sibling & child of ageing parents.

Nicola and Judith are living the entrepreneurial life themselves every single day, so who better to learn from in this down to earth, funny, quirky podcast!