Own It The Summit Speakers 2 Own It The Summit Speakers 1Welcome to “Own It! The Summit” which, in between events, is a pack of 18 dynamite recordings of interviews with global successful entrepreneurs, sharing their secrets of the REAL laptop lifestyle.

We hand picked each of these people to interview, to show you how to set yourself free to design your ideal lifestyle, whether working from home or travelling the world, while running a successful virtual business that you absolutely love.

Why You Need
To Hear These Stories

If you are bored sick of working for someone else, trading time for money, or of being a business owner living in one place, sick of the terrible weather and desperate to travel and have adventures, “Own It! The Summit” is for you!

18 real global entrepreneurs share their stories; listen and enjoy their tales of where they started, how they founded and grew their businesses, the tools & techniques they use to work on the go and what living and working in total virtual freedom really looks and feels like.