Paula Gardner in ItalyOver the bank holiday weekend we’ve received another entry for the Summit Blog Competition, this time from Paula Gardner who both Nicola and I have known for a very long time. You can read that story called My Dream Laptop Lifestyle, a snippet here and the rest of it on Paula’s own blog.

In her story Paula describes why Italy, what preparations she’s made to make her dream a reality, how she hopes to fit it in around her parents and her children, and she shares three beautiful photos taken in Verona, Como and Venice.

Before you read Paula’s entry, this is just a reminder that (at the time of writing) you have just over 24 hours to get your own entry in to our blog competition because the deadline is at midnight tomorrow, 31st May 2016.

Here’s Paula, in her own words:

From PR to Career Coaching on the road to Italy

I’ve been following Nicola Cairnross and Judith Morgan’s preparations for the  Own It! The Summit and couldn’t resist sharing my own cheesy internet dream and enter the competition!

I’ve long been envious of those people who have both moved and integrated into a foreign country, if only for a while. It’s one of those things that I believe really enriches your life, giving you memories that will keep you warm in your old age. I did it in my early twenties, living in Australia for a year, but somehow that isn’t enough. The culture was too familiar and, like everything else, I took it for granted at that age.

Today, I have a different dream and that is of a sensuous life of glorious food, robust wine and bone-warming sun in idyllic Italy. There’s something about Italy that feels like home every time I go there. The language sounds like poetry, even if they are just asking if you want to buy a cabbage, and the siesta lifestyle is, well, just me. With three teenagers, two of which are navigating those heady years of University, apprenticeships, first loves, bullying bosses and learning to be an adult, and one child still at school, I know it’s not going to happen quite yet. But, I have been making plans.

Read the rest of this post on Paula’s own site