How do you calculate a budget for your advertising spend? Today Nicola shares with you how to do that.

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In the Show…

Judith’s birthday was spoiled by excruciating back pain and Nicola forgetting it… The birthday, not the pain! Judith declined cake due to her low-carb way of eating, and got to relax and enjoy some time off over the three-day Bank Holiday instead. Nicola explains that she is struggling with her return to the UK which she is finding drizzly and grey on the South Coast, and missing Stoupa’s sunshine. Today’s show is recorded on Phoebe’s birthday and Nicola has given her something entirely unexpected. Fortunately there’s also a slap-up family celebration tonight at Wagamama in Brighton.

  • What’s Fuelled Their Fire?

Judith returned to work after the holiday weekend in love with her business, which isn’t unusual, with strangers and returners having booked themselves into her online diary. Also May is brand new on the day of recording, a blank slate always feels good and feels like it presents new opportunities.

Nicola has been soaking up lots of webinars for both educational and entertainment purposes, but also to see how good ones are done so that she can model the best bits.

  • Client Challenge of the Week

How much of your business income should you set aside, beg, borrow and steal or reinvest in your advertising budget? Nicola walks us through the calculations – assuming you have an offer that converts and some money to spend on advertising in the first place. She shows listeners that a £2 return for every £1 invested is a good benchmark, but what’s a good click rate? Webinars, registrations, attendees, sales… how many of each do you need to achieve that £2 ROI for your product or service? And how much might you sell on the back end?

  • Words of the Week

Nicola chooses Budgets and Judith picks Obdurate (thanks to Margret).

  • Project Updates – all about the Podcast

Nicola takes Judith through a whistlestop tour of the Podcast’s stats this week.

  • Who or What’s Impressed?

Judith has fallen in love with AB crystal jewellery and Nicola is impressed by The Passport Office. This makes it a second rave review this year for that organisation. Well done HMPO!

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