A member of the Own It! Facebook Group has noticed similarities in ads on YouTube and wants to know; “Is the formula they all follow just a big scam?”

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On the Show

This week saw Nicola’s birthday and brother Alex had planned a road trip to celebrate which they had to reschedule due to a “medicane”, the Greek equivalent of a hurricane. One of the hotel rooms was a bit dodgy, but otherwise a lovely time was had by all. Alex has now moved on to other parts of Europe after helping Sarah and Nicola discover how to make salt cod not only palatable but plump and delicious.

Judith’s podcasting today from Trowbridge in Wiltshire on the first week of a fortnight’s housesitting gig. She’s getting on fine with the Aga and giving the cat her thyroid medicine hidden in cheese. She muses on a return trip to Bromley in Kent where she met a couple planning to winter in Argentina and who want her to look after their house while they are gone.

What’s Fuelled Their Fire?

Nicola is happy to have rediscovered her joy of audio and podcasts, realising she likes to listen to talk radio and learn when at home.

Judith’s housesitting interviews have caused her to realise how she mishandles certain offers of kindness and how her #1 value of honesty could be adapted to suit the circumstances better in those situations. People love to give and share and the self-sufficient might take note of that and oblige them, at least in word.

Focus of the Week

A member of the Own It! Facebook Group offers this week’s focus:

I’ve begun to notice that the majority of ads that get presented to me on YouTube are people talking all about how crap their life was, how they woke up after watching an ad “just like this one” and now have a life of financial and time freedom and are so happy in x,y, and z with bells on, and if you sign up for the 7 part video series by “mentor”, you too can feel as amazing as I do right now (or words like that…).

So, what I am wanting your opinion on please is what is behind this? Is it simply affiliate marketing where they get paid for each sign up or follow up sale? The one I’ve just watched is for Six Figure Mentors but I have come across other names. What I have also noticed is they all have the same format for the landing page with 3 testimonials saying how great the info is and how it has changed their life. Do they do this for each other? Or am I being a total sceptic who needs to get out more?

Words of the Week

Nicola chooses Relax and Judith picks Trust.

Project Updates

Nicola reports in on three or four of her projects and Judith asks her to confirm how listeners may contribute to the 200th show being recorded on 18th October and airing on 26th October 2018.

And the answer is to please use the Speakpipe app on Nicola’s own website on the Contact page. It’s a yellow button marked Leave A Voicemail.

Who or What’s Impressed?

Judith anonymously describes the significantly impressive actions and advances this week of her clients, and Nicola is impressed by how she and Sarah and Alex managed very well to live together for the duration of his visit. There were joys and challenges but they all navigated their way through them by talking, confronting issues, holding boundaries and being calm, firm and assertive.

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