Business budgets are the topic of today’s podcast, specifically marketing budgets. How much should you be ear-marking in your business budget for selling your stuff and your services?

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In the Show..

Nicola walked 15,000 steps to attend Wild Life at the weekend and see her son, Nelson, appear as a DJ.  She tells also about a luxury day off, hanging out with some of her international online marketing friends. Judith’s property deal could be back on, she’s loving living with less and carrying on with her plans to move regardless.

  • What’s Fuelled Their Fire?

Judith’s fire was fuelled by Alice’s lovely comment that she was buying the Summit recordings to sponsor the podcast, just as we had hoped listeners would after 84 episodes. Nicola’s excited about our latest podcast download figures. A new episode will peak early at 400-500 downloads and there are regularly 90 a day.

  • Client Challenge of the Week?

Business budgets generally and marketing budgets specifically. How much should you set aside (above the line) and reinvest in your business to make sales BEFORE you pay your overheads and draw money out of your business for yourself? Recommended Book: Profit First by Michael Michalowicz.

  • Words of the Week

Judith chooses Rain and Nicola picks Execution.

  • Project Updates

By the time listeners hear this episode, number 084, the live summit will be over. Judith & Nicola are in the final stages of preparation for the eighteen hours going out live over the weekend of 18th and 19th June 2016. Pre-sales are up to $759.60 and N&J are in discussion about how much of that to reinvest and on what, in order to promote the podcast going forward, and they are eagerly anticipating the upcoming Thunderclap to 360,000 people on Friday 17th June. Nicola is proud that, being an early adopter to Go To Webinar from way back, she has the version with allows up to 1,000 attendees on each of the two days which would be less than a third of one percent of the social reach of the Thunderclap able to get on to the summit LIVE! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a full house?

  • Who or What’s Impressed?

Nicola and her sister Sarah have signed up to food delivery service Gousto and Judith’s boning up on her French with free language app Duolingo.

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