Today’s Client Challenge of the Week was intended to be all about To Do lists, but Nicola rolls confidence in belief into it too, since those are the inter-connected challenges she’s seeing this week with her own clients and club members.

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In the Show…

Nicola delivered her kids back to the airport for their return to the UK and collected her sister Sarah on the same trip. She’s also started a new term of Write Club and discovered that a lot of authors are coming to visit Stoupa soon. The club is considering a monthly podcast having discovered that there’s not much out there in podcast-land for wannabe writers.

Judith’s met the man of her dreams at the front door, started arguing about commas with Grammarly and reduced the number of times she uses the words actually and indeed in her own forthcoming book.

  • What’s Fuelled Their Fire?

Judith’s been talking to Lisa of Fink Cards about creating a companion set of cards to go with her book and to a lady in the States about a quiz.  She’s bought her first ever ISBN number and is starting to become fascinated by the Insights on her Facebook Page. She even thinks she sees a glimmer of a reason why she might, eventually, want a smartphone! And that’s to do with Facebook too.

Nicola’s excited by the astonishing results her client Kate is getting in the 12 week challenge to Be Everywhere Online, in only weeks one and two. One of their pieces of video content has enjoyed 16,000 views.

  • Client Challenge of the Week – Confidence, Belief and To Do Lists

Both Judith and Nicola would describe themselves as confident, even overconfident, and yet we all suffer from lack of self-belief at times. What made Nicola connect this to today’s Challenge about To Do Lists? How helpful are they, or do they just contribute to overwhelm? What do they show Nicola and Judith about their clients’ intentions and commitment? Between them, our intrepid podcasters come up with some useful thoughts and questions:

  • What’s the alternative?
  • Or you could just change your mind!

They are concerned that, at times, To Do lists can be disabling in that they never end, we never run out of things to do, the list never seems to get any shorter as we add things to it all the time. This article from Lifehack appears to offer some solutions to that problem: Why To Do Lists Don’t Work and How to Change That.

  • Words of the Week

Nicola chooses Confidence and Judith picks Question(s).

  • Project Updates

Nicola is pleased to report a couple of recent spikes in podcast download numbers and she’s anticipating her much-awaited “hockey stick”, saying she can feel it coming.

Judith’s updates are all about her book. The word count is up to 57,000, and now her focus with the designer is all about titivating, graphics, memes, quotations, tip boxes, and editing. She’s got the first printout of all 224 pages on her desk in paper form which was quite the moment and she’s asked a pro to quote on some publicity for the book which required not a little confidence and self-belief on Judith’s part too, she felt the fear and did it anyway.

  • Who or What’s Impressed?

Nicola is impressed by, her taxi driver client who’s written his first blog post. She asks listeners to swing by and leave him some encouragement.

Judith’s impressed by her own listener numbers at AudioBoom and with Melodie her new US-based VA and how she welcomed her to her Facebook Page which, in turn, led Judith directly to becoming her client.

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