Do you have a Mental Model which helps you with better decision-making and clearer thinking leading to appropriate action? Today’s show introduces a choice of Mental Models, one of which will be right for you, your business and your life.

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In the Show

The beach has been bulldozed in Stoupa which means it is officially Summer. Nicola’s been offered superfast broadband and her 30 Day Challenge has converted well to paying clients. Judith’s found a helpful holistic, Helen, who has contributed (along with kefir and vitamin C) to her feeling like a new woman. She was also hot for the first time in April. There’s talk of intrepid folks Hal and Linda, and Lisa and Glenn, and more on the Women’s Equality Party.

What’s Fuelled Their Fire?

Both Nicola and Judith have been delighted by their respective clients having great experiences, doing good work, paying promptly and generously, and providing top reviews on Facebook and Amazon. There is nothing like the feeling of being a good match for your client (and vice versa) and both parties being amply rewarded in every sense.

Focus of the Week

Nicola gives the listeners and Judith a rundown of various mental models including the Law of Attraction (which takes J by surprise that Nicola would include it), and those offered by such luminaries as Gary Vee, James Schramko, Eli Goldratt and Stephen Covey.

Judith and Nicola discuss the 80/20 rule (the Pareto Principle), the Kaizen theory of continuous improvement, focusing on finding, repairing and improving the weakest link (Theory of Constraints), being able to distinguish between urgent and important, deathbed decisions and more.

They realise the important thing is not just to discover and study these mental models but pick one as your own and use it as often as necessary. Nicola shares a video on YouTube that demonstrates one of her favourites, the Post-it Note exercise at 1:09 of the video below

Words of the Week

Judith picks Wisdom and Nicola picks Smart.

Project Updates

Nicola’s got a new website for the Clicks & Leads Academy thanks to her sister, Sarah and she’s back using Facebook Ads. She updates Judith on the much bigger download numbers the podcast is achieving now that the show is being distributed via Radio Public. Judith is happy to share with Nicola that she’s achieved her first book sale via Amazon’s Expanded Distribution, she explains what this is and what it could mean for her book, Your Biz Your Way.

Who or What’s Impressed?

Nicola’s impressed by Matt Duggan and Russell Brand, and Judith by Amazon Prime’s Harry Bosch 4.

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