Nicola and Judith talk about how to set and achieve meaningful targets and goals but not before they’ve shared Nicola Mum dancing at the Shoreham Wild Life festival and the wild life in Judith’s London garden – three fox cubs!

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In the show..

Nicola Cairncross and Judith Morgan start off the show by sharing what they’ve been up to this week in their lives and in their own businesses

  • What’s Fuelled Their Fire?Nicola – achieving up to 90% off the cost of Facebook leadsJudith – making a surprise $60 in affiliate income from one blog post
    • Client Challenge of the Week

    How to set and achieve meaningful targets and goals and when to stop and measure your results and celebrate your successes, before re-calibrating and starting again

    • Words of the Week

    “Video” and “Wafty”

    • Impressed by..

    Disclosure and Rudimental – DJs to entrepreneurs in a few short years

    Books: 10% Happier by Dan Harris and The Battersea Park Road to Enlightenment by Isabel Losada

    Lisa saving time and money in her business on parcel couriers and investing in a franking machine

    • Mentions

    Sarah Staar’s Affiliate Formula X

    Judith’s recommended Thought Elevators

    Lisa’s Fink Cards which start conversations about difficult topics

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