In today’s podcast, Nicola educates the listeners about the value of knowing your archetype, your shadow side and the archetype/shadow of your ideal client so that you can write to them in their own language in your business and marketing. And Judith and Nicola talk about how clarity about who you are and what you want to offer in your business can help your ideal clients to discover you, get to know you, and decide you are the woman with the right solution for them.

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In the Show..

Neither Judith nor Nicola saw the much-heralded Super Moon and both are disappointed about that. Nicola’s week has been all about creative tension and Judith’s about her recent return to regular blogging and the delightful results which have issued forth.

  • What’s Fuelled Their Fire?

Judith’s ideal client booked herself in for a Pay What You Want Consultation and, in so doing, used Judith just as she wants to be used – as a consultant, having her brains picked by colleagues and returning clients. And Nicola’s week has been about two books: Winning the Story Wars by Jonah Sachs, as mentioned last week, read together with Neil Asher’s Amazon SEO. She also mentions Dan Norris’ recent blog post “Self Publishing Books” as a great resource.

  • Client Opportunity of the Week

As promised Nicola updates us with her learning about Archetypes. This was prompted by her joining the course with and they pointed her at for the archetype test. Nicola’s an Alchemist/Creator as are lots of her ideal clients, and the rest are Innocents. And Judith’s a Sage.

Nicola recommends two additional resources:

The Hero’s Journey by Joseph Campbell and The Seven Basic Plots by Christopher Booker. Here’s the blog post Judith wrote in 2014 about the seven basic plots of your business story. What’s the Plot of your Business Story?

  • Words of the Week

Nicola chooses Books (writing them as opposed to just reading them) and Judith brings Reinvention, it’s all the rage, everyone’s doing it and that points to a want not a need.

  • Project Updates

Yay! Nicola’s redoubtable sister Sarah has worked out how to get all 106 episodes of the Own It podcast onto YouTube via Libsyn. It will involve a chunk of work by Patricia, Nicola’s techie VA, to deal with the backlog but, going forward, each single weekly episode should be a (relative) breeze.

  • Who or What’s Impressed?

Nicola tells us about the kindness of a stranger giving her and Sarah a lift back to Stoupa after they missed the bus, and about discovering the trendy 360 Bar which is open all year round and full of otherwise invisible youngsters.

And Judith is fired up by Black is the New Black on BBC2, a wonderful inspirational series of four all-too-short programmes about successful Black Britons, beautifully showcased, presented and photographed with humour and love and encouraging aspiration in all of us, whatever our colour, creed or background.

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