Nicola and Judith re-start their podcasting after a few weeks’ break over Christmas and their Focus of the day is 2018 goals, plans and intentions.

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In the Show…

Nicola’s enjoyed nearly three weeks back in the UK with family and friends. She’s completed one of her Dinner and a Day sessions with a client and run a 2-day workshop at Gatwick with 20 clients. In the last week, she’s been happy to spend time with her children, busy though they are with work and New Year celebrations.

Judith’s enjoyed her downtime too and isn’t ready to go back to work. Her holiday included a day out in Canary Wharf with an old friend which was very special. Christmas is now but a distant memory.

  • What’s Fuelled Their Fire?

Judith’s been inspired by Neil Gaiman’s encouragement to make mistakes. Nicola’s been invited to be an expert panellist by the ICF in May so she’s going to schedule another UK workshop then too.

  • FOCUS of the Week

Nicola’s made her plan for 2018 based on choosing seven words:

  1. Focus and Simplicity
  2. Writing
  3. Leverage
  4. Email (a day)
  5. Fun
  6. Travel
  7. Financial Security
Nicola and Judith re-start their podcasting after a few weeks' break over Christmas and their Focus of the day is 2018 goals, plans and intentions. #OwnIt Click To Tweet

Judith’s still working on her plans for the New Year. So far she has committed to continuing with her low-carb lifestyle, reading 52 books in 2018 and writing and publishing her own second book as part of a plan to write one book a year for the rest of her life. The intention-setting resources she’s working her way through include books from Michael Neill, Moorea Seal and Janet Conner, and stuff on point from Hare in the Moon Astrology and TUT. She mentions this list of 50 questions from Anuschka Rees which gets you to review your 2017 and get excited about your 2018.

  • Words of the Week

Nicola chooses Gratitude and Judith picks Hug.

  • Project Updates

Nicola is relieved to discover that the holiday from podcasting has not affected download numbers, and also that her new Write Club podcast is not doing significantly better (yet) than Own It! Judith reminds her it is early days and perhaps too early to judge after only 7 episodes.

Judith has sold 57 copies of her book split almost equally between print and digital, just as predicted by those who know but delighted that a weekly reminder in her newsletter could be a way to pay for that, one of her 2017 goals. 57 book sales put her in profit.

  • Who or What’s Impressed?

Nicola’s enjoyed The Road by Cormac McCarthy over the holidays, pulling an all-nighter, one of the joys of being on holiday with no need to get up early in the morning. She reminds the listeners about More Cheese Less Whiskers, the podcast by Dean Jackson, and talks about seven videos called The Hidden Secrets of Money by Mike Maloney especially #5 which made her angry.

Judith’s been inspired by the way 80-year old Judi Dench described herself at the opening of her recent BBC TV show about trees.

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