Entrepreneurial Uncertainty | Nicola Cairncross and Judith Morgan discuss the art of doing things backwards, joining the dots, entrepreneurial uncertainty and how new clients find it so hard to cope with!

In the show..

  • Nicola and Judith start off the show by sharing what they’ve been up to this week in their own businesses.
  • Judith’s been stoked this week by the honesty of her client Sam, and Nicola’s pondering doing more face to face / 1:2:1 coaching after enjoying her recent Masterminds so much and being asked for a VIP Day by a previous client she likes and respects.
  • Next they surprise each other with a word to discuss. This week Nicola chooses “Energy” and Judith chooses “Christmas”
  • Finally, Nicola and Judith share what (or who) has impressed them this week.  Judith’s been very impressed by her New Zealand based client Andrea while Nicola’s loving the innate human good sense found on – of all places – the TV show Gogglebox!

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