After 118 episodes, Nicola and Judith didn’t have a Client Challenge of the Week today and couldn’t drum one up, so instead they riff on the topics of avatars and archetypes, why business owners sign up for courses for their structure and frameworks, why clients might be anxious about asking questions and how coaches and trainers find new angles for old content.

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In the Show..

Nicola’s issued episode 3 of her vzine, received her three commissioned sales letters and reports that they are very salesy (!), and is hovering on the brink of publishing a new book on Amazon called Mindset, Marketing & Money: Successful Entrepreneurs Reveal Their 3 Biggest Secrets Of Business & Online Success. It’s live to buy on via Amazon UK here today!  On Amazon US here.  Nicola also updates listeners with progress in resolving her Facebook Ads a/c closure issues, nearly all sorted now.

Judith is happy to hold her new passport in her hand, has booked a haircut and her annual contact lens check-up flushed with success from getting the passport sorted. She’s bought some sparkly shoes and a sparkly handbag for her brother’s 60th birday party (in May!) and she has a mini rant about couriers – Yodel, GLS, Royal Mail and Marks & Spencer.

  • What’s Fuelled Their Fire?

Nicola is excited about the possibilities presented by a new course she’s signed up for with Taki Moore, the Million Dollar Coach, all about webinars. And Judith is excited to have re-connected with former client and current podcast superfan, Georgina Noel, with whom she’s co-created a piece of audio about how to turn negatives into positives for Georgina’s EFT clients and trainees.

  • Client Challenge of the Week

This week the Challenge for J&N is not having a Challenge to discuss. After 118 episodes, they’ve run out! So they talk about the challenge that in itself presents – how to get listeners to ask questions which the podcast can debate, and about avatars and archetypes, signing up to courses for structure and frameworks, and finding new angles for old content in the absence of new questions and challenges.

  • Words of the Week

Nicola goes for Internal and Judith chooses Wrong, and both explain why.

  • Project Updates – all about the Podcast

Nicola shows Judith via Libsyn a mahoosive spike in download numbers, 631 in one day, on 31st January and various podcast matters arising.

  • Who or What’s Impressed?

Phoebe ziplining in Wales, Bernadette Doyle delivering fantastic live Facebook training in the face of innumerable tech challenges, and the well-oiled machine that is H.M. Passport Office in Victoria, London.

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