The Focus of episode 162 is a year-end review of their respective 2017 by Nicola and Judith, warts and all.

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In the Show…

Judith tells Nicola about the wrangle she’s had with CreateSpace about ownership of her own ISBN number, and Nicola’s had no internet for four days which has enabled her to do some deep work on her own sci-fi novel.

  • What’s Fuelled Their Fire?

Judith’s been interviewed by Frank Foley for his Stories of Our Lives series, out soon. And Nicola is really pleased to be working with talented people such as Kate Cocker and Angela Durrant, leading to thoughts of opening up a mastermind level of her membership site.

  • FOCUS of the week

Nicola and Judith review their respective 2017, all highs and lows. Judith’s list includes her book, photoshoot, another 50 podcasts with Nicola, continued low-carb success, reading 45 books and counting and planning to read 52 in 2018. Nicola gives the listener a month-by-month recap and weather report for Stoupa, Greece. Her list includes her app and membership site, a book, creating  Be Everywhere Online, going to Brisbane, creating the Clicks & Leads Academy, taking up Greek lessons, joining Write Club and learning about alt currencies.

Both J&N are really grateful to be doing work they enjoy with lovely clients and that this fulfils so many different needs for all concerned.

The Focus of episode 162 is a year-end review of their respective 2017 by Nicola and Judith, warts and all. #OwnIt Click To Tweet
  • Words of the Week

Judith chooses Optimism and Nicola picks Work.

  • Project Updates

The podcast trend for 30 days continues to be strongly upward. And Judith is waiting to receive the first physical copy of her book – today!

  • Who or What’s Impressed?

Nicola is impressed by Nathan Hague’s 1 Cent Leads webinar, and by Pod Cards where you put in a name and three adjectives you’d use to describe a friend, colleague or family member and they are sent tailored podcast recommendations. And Judith describes a client who’s had a difficult 2017 too and yet a miraculous recent turnaround.

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