Today’s Client Challenge of the Week is about working/paying for traffic to your website, Facebook Page or opt-in. Do you work for it like Judith, or pay for it like Nicola? And does it make a difference if you are selling a digital product -v- a human service?

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In the Show…

Judith’s caught up with the book which was the topic of Client Challenge of the week a few weeks back, episode 140, the one about the Australian psychologist and moving from the 1:1 model to the one to many. His book is called Why Clever People Do Dumb Things by Lindsay Spencer-Matthews and the strapline reveals it will lend itself very nicely indeed to a 9-step program so Nicola was bang on the money there.

Judith is remarking upon something which she feels shouldn’t be remarkable but it still is, so much so that it is the subject of her newsletter this week – self-employed fathers who work around their kids’ hours and needs, just like every mother Judith has ever worked with. She’s taking this as a very positive sign of a new wave.

Nicola’s been talking properties with a local friend in Stoupa, setting up Xero with Bean Ninjas’ UK helper and having a go at being direct and honest and operating within her own boundaries, with mixed success. But it’s early days!

  • What’s Fuelled Their Fire?

Nicola is impressed with her own ability to be methodical and organised in setting up a recurring summit as a front-end marketing initiative. And Judith has organised her diary for the month of August “off” so as to find 15 writing days for her book, then a complete week off from everything at the end of the month to coincide with the UK Bank Holiday, the last before Christmas – wow! Where did that go?

  • Client Challenge of the Week

Nicola introduced this week’s topic with mention of offers that convert but it soon morphed into a discussion about whether we work for traffic and eyeballs on our websites and offers, work such as blogging and social media, or pay for traffic via such things as FB Ads which Nicola favours as she likes to get all of this systemised.

N&J discuss SEO, and the endless round of new offers which can exhaust both content creator and consumer and what to do when offers start off well but then simply stop working. Judith reveals that the lady who does her SEO explained why it has taken up to two years for her work to bring the results Judith sought. Which entrepreneur do we know who has the patience for that? Is it still worth doing nevertheless? Yes! Plan to be around long enough to reap those rewards.

  • Words of the Week

Nicola chooses Renewal, inspired by Chris Barrow’s July newsletter, the subject of which Judith wants to debate as one of  the Client Challenges of the week in September. And Judith picks Hard as in things are in “the hard pile”.

  • Project Updates

Nicola’s tweaked the podcast’s keywords and, in so doing, Judith reminds her it may take two years to see the results of that! And Judith’s finished her Scrivener training (with the exception of one module out of 109) and written 3,722 words for the introduction to her book, which she ackowledges is Far Too Long. She was somewhat distracted by being stung by a wasp during the writing time. You do know it’s harder to writer shorter?

  • Who or What’s Impressed?

Nicola is impressed by the Aussie Entrepreneurs in her membership club who are showing up and taking action which always makes her joyful. She also likes and recommends which promises to help you find the most popular questions asked by your target buyer.

And Judith is impressed by the five women who took up the challenge and are standing in for her during her August holiday:

  1. Show #143 Georgina Noel, EFT Practitioner, Trainer and Transformative Coach
  2. Show #144 Jo Dodds, Podcaster and Productivity Expert
  3. Show #145 Susan Weeks, Podcast Producer and Online Marketing Consultant
  4. Show #146 Lisa Warner,   Digital Nomad and Business Owner
  5. Show #147 Rosie Slosek, Business Finances Mentor and VATmoss crusader

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