Today’s Client Challenge of the Week is Turning Your Practice into a Business. If you are a therapist or a coach where your current business model is hands on or one to one, can you ever turn that into a business where you stop exchanging your time/energy for money, and where your business model becomes one to many instead?

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In the Show…

Nicola has been called a “closed-minded Satanist” by a visitor to her website and Judith has a mini rant about the bombardment of emails and phone calls after bagging a new domain name at Go Daddy.

  • What’s Fuelled Their Fire?

Nicola is finally cracking the “& Your Life” bit of the podcast’s mission and title. She’s way ahead of herself in content creation now that her team have stopped her being the bottleneck, which means she has the leisure time for thinking, relaxing on the beach and swimming.

Judith is reflecting on marketing having heard from a new client that she found her “from Facebook”, Judith never having spent any money on Facebook Ads yet nor any firm plans so to do, particularly in regard to her coaching business.

Both J&N are reading the signs about marketing changing and the apparent lessening importance of websites. Visitors still arrive but they don’t do anything, they don’t opt-in, they don’t even read the copy. People are changing. Times are changing. Marketing must perforce change too. It was ever thus in business.

  • Client Challenge of the Week

“The vast majority of clients to our private psychology practice do not want to be identified. People who experience depression, grief, anxiety and relationship issues do not want to be ‘seen’ by others. This makes it difficult to create a community. This limits us a bit. We are trying to leverage our time by somehow going from the ‘one on one’ model of counselling sessions to ‘one to many’ opportunities. We want to find ways to monetize our business through non face-to-face clients in the future to release us from tying our money to our time.”

Nicola and Judith get stuck in! Nicola recommends Peter Shallard a.k.a. The Shrink for Entrepreneurs, and talks about leveraging a book for paid professional speaking gigs. Judith has a psychotherapist client who describes herself as a syndicated columnist and a talk show host in case that’s the direction this couple want to take.

Judith isn’t sure that coaching or therapy can be leveraged one to many and remains firmly of the view that’s why she went into coaching, to be with clients. Therefore the only route is to leverage what N&J used in The Money Gym to call in the other lanes of the wealth highway to make money and, until that time, keep the practice as the “day job” which provides money to pay bills, create savings and make investments.

  • Words of the Week

Nicola chooses Responsibility and also refers to another one from the current novel she’s reading. And Judith picks Moxie.

  • Project Updates

Between shows Nicola had advised Judith that June was the podcast’s best download month since January.

And Judith updates on her own project, her book. She’s dummied up a cover to inspire her and is 79% of the way through her Scrivener training now, with her eyes on a couple of tantalisingly-named modules at the end of the course. And she’s started writing, she couldn’t help herself.

  • Who or What’s Impressed?

Nicola is impressed by Meryl of and Judith by Andy Murray’s feminism, and both J&N love the actors playing the two baddies with relish in Poldark, George Warleggan (Jack Farthing) and the Revd Whitworth (Christian Brassington).

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