You want to change your business model, but how do you successfully manage client change? What if they don’t like what you are proposing, is it all or nothing? How do you successfully manage the transition in a way which is both professional and loyal to clients who have been loyal to you? Judith and Nicola come up with some useful thoughts and ideas.

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In the Show…

Nicola’s been to Chipping Norton to visit Jane, a long-time client, with her Dinner and A Day offer which N is loving delivering to her clients. She’s also just returned from a successful speaking gig in Brisbane and is slowly getting over her jetlag. Judith has enjoyed this week’s heatwave in England, put on a surprise birthday party in the garden for an old friend and been meeting all those new global clients in her diary she’s enthused about in recent weeks.

  • What’s Fuelled Their Fire?

Judith is heartened by the longevity of her relationships with existing clients, having calculated that her current clients have been with her for anything between one and 3.5 years in Small Business Big Magic and two to five years in Club 100. Judith’s view is that the longer she gets to work with a client, the deeper the relationship becomes and the more she is able to help clients as their ally and confidante, and it creates both a better experience for both parties to enjoy and better results for her clients.

Nicola really loved talking to a brand new market in Oz, Amazon entrepreneurs, and her Be Everywhere Online offer went so well in the room she is tempted again to offer a Done For You service. Judith tries to talk her out of that by proposing an alternative.

  • Client Challenge of the Week

Nicola has a client who is transitioning between business models but struggling to persuade existing clients to see the benefit of moving from working 1-2-1 with her and in person to joining her online membership site. What ideas can J&N can come up with to help her to manage the changes this will inevitably mean for her clients?

Judith thinks it isn’t a matter of either/or, a drop-dead take it or leave it, and proposes instead building up the income from the new to match that from the old, or at least to a place where the client will feel happier being more assertive to existing clients about her plans for change in her business.

Nicola has suggested a more efficient use of her client’s available time when the goal is moving to a more profitable business model, and there is talk of swirling emotions and the client being overwhelmed with delivery, online marketing for her new business and the commitments of being both a wife to a poorly husband and a mum.

  • Words of the Week

Judith brings Pootling and Nicola likes Transformation, because it is a wonderful thing.

  • Project Updates

Own It! the Podcast is maintaining its position at #76 in the iTunes Top 100, and there are some very exciting download spikes according to Libsyn. Although Judith and Nicola are both committed to and excited by prospects for the podcast itself in due course, Judith thinks the time may have come to refresh the format as the curve looks to have possibly started to flatline over recent months. She promises to review this during August when she has five weeks off and while Nicola is busy talking to her holiday stand-ins.

  • Who or What’s Impressed?

As luck would have it, both Nicola and Judith are impressed by two student entrepreneurs. Nicola’s choice is Steve Bartlett and Judith’s is Junior Ogunyemi.

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