Judith and Nicola brainstorm the apparent need for entrepreneurial certainty and talk about how to get clients off the starting blocks and into taking action.

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In the Show…

Nicola was scheduled to be in Paris today but there were too many decisions to make and far too many deliciously tempting and distracting social opportunities to be had in Sussex and London, so she stayed in Shoreham and Steyning instead and will return to Stoupa before the next episode airs.

Judith’s excited to have implemented her decision to open up twice as much availability in her online diary for new clients as her business is experiencing a surge of newbies right now.

  • What’s Fuelled Their Fire?

Nicola and Sarah and Phoebe enjoyed a sunshiny riverside pub lunch meeting on Monday in which they all felt lucky to be self-employed. They were brainstorming how they are going to work together as a team in the new iteration of Be Everywhere Online with the introduction of a Done For You service. Sarah called Nicola “the bottleneck”!

Judith is thrilled to have finally alighted on an idea for her Proper Book and she talks about studying Scrivener for writing this one, and the benefits of Scrivener as she sees them as an as-yet early student and of Udemy, a platform her clients use to sell video courses, and her experience on the consumer end of that platform (generally very good, and interesting!).

  • Client Challenge of the Week

Nicola wonders aloud about how to get clients to take action after VIP days and regular coaching calls. And what to do with clients who want entrepreneurial certainty before they start, or who are hung up on perfectionism, or those who seek the maximum win for minimum effort. This chimes with Judith’s thinking about clients who are inspired by the first coaching session and then get into the slog, slog, slog of building a business or making changes and improvements of any sort. It is a complex business and Judith has come to accept that her clients all move at different speeds, whereas Nicola would be even happier if her clients matched her own fast-start characteristic.

  • Words of the Week

Judith picks Exposure and Nicola describes her recent lessons in learning to be Adaptable and how happy she is to have become that more flexible and less fearful person.

  • Project Updates – all about the Podcast

Not many changes to report here, Libsyn was being unco-operative and Own It! the Podcast is still at #76 in the iTunes Top 100, at least until the much promised algorithm change at iTunes.

  • Who or What’s Impressed?

Judith talks about a new client who responded well in her first session to being told by Judith what to do to resolve the urgent twin problems in both her business and personal life. She sucked it up and is reported to be taking action already. Judith was told said client had reported that she “doesn’t mince her words” which Judith reports is the understatement of the week!

Nicola is impressed by Judith’s excitement about her book.

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