Nicola’s received an email from a couple who describe themselves as short of time because they are very busy earning money in all sorts of different directions. They say “we think you might be able to help us to organise our thoughts”.  J&N address this as Challenge of the Week.

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There’s good weather in both Greece and England, Judith’s been sunburned sitting in her own garden. Her clients are on their Easter Holidays, leaving her quieter to get on with stuff like the MoT and inviting the hairdresser round.

Nicola’s been to her creative writing club and luxuriated in learning about where to put a well-placed comma, and the Pefko Taverna gets another look-in. Sarah and Nicola return to the UK this coming weekend for up to three months.  What next?

  • What’s Fuelled Their Fire?

Nicola’s VA Patricia is taking a couple of well-earned months off work just as Nicola launches her own podcast and needs more admin support. Happily Sarah has agreed to step into the oursourcing breach.

Judith’s enjoyed a fabulous week and a sense of achievement by helping lots of new and existing clients all round the world, helping them to feel better about themselves and their work which, in turn, has had a knock-on positive effect on Judith. Fabulous testimonials and feedback have come in.

  • Client Challenge of the Week

A couple have joined Nicola’s coaching programme but fessed up to being short of time to make the best of the content. They also discribe how scattered they are by their various commitments to different projects in the fields of making, creating and teaching art and media. Short of time and money, how can Nicola help them to order their thoughts? What’s the best way for them to get some E-Myth perspective, working on their business not just in it?

  • Words of the Week

Nicola chooses Be and Judith picks Ease and both explain why in some detail.

  • Project Updates – All About the Podcast

Own It! is creeping up the What’s Hot iTunes chart to number 77 in the Top 100 and Libsyn stats continue to be encouraging. Reviews on iTunes do make all the difference to the podcast’s rating. Please follow the instructions in the video below and help us to keep broadcasting. Thank you.

  • Who or What’s Impressed?

Judith tells the story of her golf-mad nephew who has won a tournament with his school alumni team, a competition they’ve been in without such success for several years running, and how this fits in with his aims and ambitions to be a golf agent with the global leader in that field.

Nicola is impressed by Pamela Garelick aka Stoupawatch on Instagram, a lady who posts fabulous photos without no apparent commercial gain in mind. Her images inspire Nicola whenever she sees them.

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