Nicola Cairncross brings the topic of business reflections and revelations to today’s show after she and Judith Morgan had an emergency conflab first thing on Monday morning.

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In the Show…

Nicola’s had a flurry of potential clients booking into her diary, been out three times this week for the  15 euro taverna dinner (walking home by the light of the super moon) and there’ve been 11 entries in the Write Club Flash Fiction competition. Judith’s excited about the Supermoon, 31 days of January completed and new daily spiritual journalling habits formed,  lots of techie changes she’s made to her own website and submissions she’s made to third-party writing platforms like Medium and TUT.

  • What’s Fuelled Their Fire?

Judith’s found lots of her books in a file on her computer and thinks she can have 7 ebooks up for sale in her Selz bookshop within the 90 days of her Creating the Impossible book project. Her first income from Amazon has landed in her bank a/c too, bringing sales for month1 of her book to about £500 which is really very gratifying.

Nicola had a little miracle of her own when listener Anne Walsh emailed her with something which led to N’s discovery online of a list of the Top 10 Sci-Fi agents which are normally very hard to find.  She’s also happy that Judith talked her down from doing something she didn’t want to do in her business.

  • FOCUS of the Week – Business Reflections and Revelations

Following on from her slash and burn approach to overheads, leading to simplification of her business model and processes, Nicola’s clearing the decks to work with her clients in a new way which she thinks will be easier for all, and it’s about eyeballs and leads.

Her question is how often do business owners take the time to reflect and make the space for revelations to come in which re-shape how we work and how we help our clients. Could you make room for more of that, especially when you hear her enthusiasm and her results?

How often do business owners take time to reflect and make space for revelations which re-shape how we work and how we help our clients? Could you make room for more of that? #ownit Click To Tweet
  • Words of the Week

Nicola chooses Reveal and Judith goes for Verve, with thanks to Paula Gardner for using it in her Blogfest contribution.

  • Project Updates

Nicola’s got to write 750 words of her own sci-fi novel to read aloud at the next recording of the Write Club podcast, which is only six days away. She’s the chosen writer/member to read aloud her work in progress. Judith runs through an audit of book sales numbers, reviews, Amazon rankings, blogfest contributors, free chapter opt-ins, people joining the Ask Judith group on Facebook through her 22 Social gate and thus into her CRM system. Her new obsession is book marketing! She’s pleased to see her book lining up, thanks to Amazon, next to titles by Carrie Green, Gabby Bernstein and also Start with Why, The War of Art and the Chimp Paradox.

Who or What’s Impressed or Inspired?

Judith’s been out for a face-to-face meeting with gorgeous tall blue-eye Frank, he of the two degrees in Eng Lit. And Nicola’s scoping out a new tool called for welcoming your clients with a little personalised video which totally freaks Judith!

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