Should Judith segment her newsletter to cover the two distinct areas of interest – low carb and business coaching? Nicola shares her thoughts on the matter!

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In the Show

Nicola has some lovely friends staying this week and has decided to go into a joint venture business with the Dad of the family, Peter, which will involve a trip in Spring 2019 to Las Vegas. Judith wasn’t in the mood at all to go back to work on Monday so busied herself instead with some frenzied “spring” cleaning, very much NOT her comfort zone.

What’s Fuelled Their Fire?

Judith’s got a new notebook for the new term and a new Club 100 client plus she woke from a dream feeling the nudge to start using EFT/tapping with her low carb clients to help them beat the sugar cravings.

Nicola’s new major client,, filled her first two workshops which she put down to “low-hanging fruit”. They are working on their third.

Focus of the Week

Judith received some useful feedback from a newsletter reader that she should ask Nicola for some advice about segmenting her newsletter to cover the two distinct areas of interest – low carb and business coaching.

Judith asks Nicola what she would have done with this unsolicited advice and explains her own viewpoint too. They agree and Judith was pleased that another serious marketer does too.

Words of the Week

Nicola chooses Sociable and Judith picks Summer.

Project Updates

Nicola is happy to report that Write Club the Podcast doubled their download numbers during the time they were offline during August.

Sadly, the same cannot be said for Own It! Our listeners prefer it when we are live each Friday and broadcasting a new show every week.

Judith is comparing SendPilot to Missing Lettr, Zoom to Webex and she also talks about some thoughts she’s having and changes she’s experimenting with when it comes to organic Facebook marketing.

Who or What’s Impressed?

Judith is delighted that despite her Facebook misgivings it has brought forth some interesting opportunities for housesitting over the next couple of months. And Nicola is trialling use of which is a project management/productivity tool, a bit like Trello which she didn’t get on with as well as she hoped.

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